Trademark and design consultancy

Trademark and design consultancy

Why design and trademark consulting is important

Gambling operators often underestimate the role of web design and trademarks in successfully achieving their business goals. It is a big mistake because both things are crucial for each online casino. Without an attractive, user-friendly, and intuitive design, you’ll lose a lot of players. At the same time, the absence of a trademark can even be a threat to your intellectual property.

You can create the design concept for your platform by yourself, but if you are a newcomer and didn’t have any experience in this field, there is a big chance you may make a mistake. You need to consider that online casinos’ interfaces are very special. You can’t draw inspiration from the media, marketplaces, or some other websites. Even land-based casinos have their own design rules, which are not the same as for iGaming. That’s why the best decision for operators is consultancy web design.

What about trademarks? You need them to personalize your services. Trademarks make your ideas (games, titles, images, logos, characters, designs) your intellectual property and ensure that they will not be used by competitors. In order to assign unique elements to your company, you need to know the mechanism for registering a trademark. You also need to consider that a trademark is only valid in the jurisdiction where it was issued, so it is best to obtain trademarks in all countries where your business operates. Sounds too hard? Consultation and assistance of specialists will help you to register trademarks quickly, efficiently, and without any problems.

The importance of design in business

Good design is the key to your customer’s heart. An aesthetic, user-friendly, and understandable interface will attract and keep a lot of players on your site and set you apart from your competitors. Why is design so important for business?

Memorable and engaging design can become a part of your brand, your calling card. Players will see your games from thousands of others. The main thing is not to overdo it and not go to extremes: in online casinos (unlike land-based ones), people are annoyed by acid colors and an abundance of luminous elements. Usually, it’s better to choose minimalism, but add some unique, stylish, and appearing details that will clearly indicate that the user has visited the gaming site. To get the perfect variant, try product design consultancy and enjoy the result!

No less crucial for a gambling website is a UX design. Numerous studies prove that the correct arrangement of elements and placement of accents on the site significantly increase user activity and conversions. Knowing typical player habits helps to create the most understandable, convenient, and simple interface that will work for the success of your iGaming business. That’s why it’s a smart idea to order a UX design consultancy to get a professional view of your visual decisions. 

As you see, design is not just colors and pictures. It’s your brand face, your identity, and your opportunity to become a comfortable and memorable platform, where players return again and again. 

The process of registering a trademark in gambling 

So, how to get a trademark in the iGaming industry? Depending on the jurisdiction where you will register it, different requirements may exist. We’ll give you a list of the most common conditions to be met:

  1. First, you need to prepare the following documents: application for registration, trademark designation and description, and list of services for which the trademark will be used.
  2. After working with documentation, you need to pay trademark registration duties.
  3. Then you need to wait until the authorized department conducts an examination.
  4. In the end, you will receive a trademark certificate.
  5. Once you have obtained a domestic trademark certificate, you can apply for an international trademark.

The best way to register a trademark quickly and with minimal effort on your part is to use the trademark consulting service. With the help of professionals, you’ll protect your brand in all territories where your business operates. 

Range of services LicensingAid provides for trademark consultancy

  1. Pre-registration consulting. We’ll share with you the list of required documents and help you prepare them.
  2. Pre-registration check. Our specialists will conduct an internal check to make sure that your trademark complies with all registration rules (first of all, uniqueness and absence of duplicates among already registered trademarks).
  3. Aid with filing a trademark application. LicensingAid will help you to apply for trademark registration.
  4. Support during the application process. We’ll keep in touch while the commission will consider your application and if needed, we will help you with all emerging issues.
  5. Assisting with obtaining the international trademark certificate. Our company also can help you to become an international brand.

Range of services LicensingAid provides for design consultancy

  1. Complex analysis and ready design solutions. We’ll prepare a set of design recommendations tailored to the specifics, goals, and values of your business.
  2. UX/UI design consultancy. Our specialists will offer you intuitive, attractive, and comfortable interfaces, which will reflect the essence of your online casino and attract the most suitable players.
  3. Graphic design consultancy. The guidance from our experts will make every detail of your site attractive, harmonious, and memorable. Logos, graphic elements, fonts – everything will play in your favor and serve the business goals.

Contact us to order trademark or design consulting services or to get more information about it.

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