Trademark and design consultancy

Trademark and design consultancy

Why do design and trademarking matter to iGaming companies?

Your website’s design is the first thing your players see, before they even start to think about signing up and playing. 

If players are greeted by a casino lobby crowded with poorly drawn design elements and splashed with harsh, acid colors, they’ll simply click away and find a brand that understands the value of visual appeal.

Brands find much more success with a minimalistic take that focuses on unique styling and details. Careful study of player habits and preferences can indicate which layout of frontend elements can increase user interaction and conversion. There should also be a large emphasis on UX and navigability; players should never be more than a few clicks away from where they want to go. 

The right design is more than just shapes and colors on a computer or phone screen; it’s your brand’s identity, which is why so many engage a design consultancy to guide them in the right direction — and why they need proper trademarking to keep their intellectual property safe.

Why should you use a design consultancy?

Gambling operators often underestimate the role of design and trademarks in successfully achieving their business goals. 

However, neglecting your casino’s appearance and failing to protect your intellectual property is a massive mistake. A poorly designed site will drive players straight to your competitors, and if you don’t trademark your intellectual property, other sites can flat-out copy your logos and designs with impunity. 

Some casinos handle the design on their own, following their intuition about color schemes and design elements. But a passing interest in web design isn’t enough to create an interface that grabs players’ attention and entices them to stay. There’s an art to casino design, and the best way to harness its power is to employ a design consultancy. 

There’s nothing worse than having a competitor exploit the brand loyalty you’ve built. That’s why it’s important to trademark your intellectual property. However, international businesses need to register their trademark in every jurisdiction where they operate, which can be a very involved process for brands that operate in a number of different markets.

Designing your site and registering all the necessary trademarks is difficult and time-consuming, which is why iGaming brands often engage seasoned insiders. 

Registering a trademark for your gambling business

So how does an iGaming company trademark their intellectual property?

Depending on the jurisdiction where you register the trademark, you’ll be subject to different requirements. Here’s an example of how the process commonly goes:

  1. Prepare the following documents: application, trademark designation and description, and list of services where the trademark will be used.
  2. Pay trademark registration duties.
  3. Undergo examination.
  4. Receive a trademark certificate.
  5. Use your domestic trademark to apply for an international trademark.

The best way to register a trademark quickly and with minimal effort is to use a trademark consulting service. With the help of professionals, you’ll protect your brand in all territories where your business operates. 

Trademark consultancy services from LicensingAid

  1. Pre-registration consulting. We provide the list of required documents and help you prepare the ones you need. 
  2. Pre-registration check. Our specialists will conduct an internal check to make sure that your trademark complies with all registration rules (such as uniqueness).
  3. Aid with filing a trademark application. LicensingAid will help you to apply for trademark registration.
  4. Support during the application process. We’ll keep in touch while the commission considers your application and if needed, we will help you with all emerging issues.
  5. Assisting with obtaining the international trademark certificate. Our company can also help you to become an international brand.

Design consultancy services from LicensingAid

  1. Complex analysis and ready design solutions. We’ll prepare a set of design recommendations tailored to the specifics, goals, and values of your business.
  2. UX/UI design consultancy. Our specialists will guide you to create user-friendly interfaces which reflect the essence of your online casino and attract the right players.
  3. Graphic design consultancy. Our experts will help you polish every detail of your site until every visual element works together perfectly.

Contact us for more information or to order trademark or design consulting services.

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