How to get a gambling license in Montenegro

How to get a gambling license in Montenegro?

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After the declaration of independence of Montenegro in 2006, the government authorities completely updated the legislative framework. In the same year, a decision was made to allow the gambling business in Montenegro to become a preferred investment destination for investors. In 2011 the government legalized online casinos in Montenegro. Since then, people wishing to open their internet casinos in this country on the Adriatic Sea can obtain a Montenegro online gaming license, which covers all iGaming services, except lotteries.

Regulation of Gambling in Montenegro

The country has the Montenegrin Gambling Law, where all the rights and obligations of operators are written. All the gambling activities in Montenegro are regulated by the Games of Chance Administration, which is controlled by the Ministry of Finance. A gambling license in Montenegro is required for all businessmen who want to open a casino in this region.

Online room operators can accept players from other countries. However, if users are on the territory of Montenegro, both operators and players must comply with the legislation of this country on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

According to the Montenegrin Gambling Law, operators are allowed to offer iGaming services. A separate permit for this type of activity can be obtained by those operators who already own a gambling license for one of the types of land-based gambling activities. Thus, the online casino license can be considered an extension of the current license.

The license for an online casino in Montenegro is single for all types of online gambling activities. Thus, operators can offer their users a wide range of games in their online casino, regardless of their type and number.

The Montenegro license has an unblemished reputation and is valued in the international market. In addition, the rapidly growing Balkan gambling industry engages numerous investors from across the globe to choose this jurisdiction as a preferred investment destination.

Requirements for obtaining a license in Montenegro

The jurisdiction requirements as well as the income tax rates depend on the type of gambling activity for which you want to obtain a gambling license in Montenegro. The only general requirements are the following:

  • The operator must be registered in the form of a limited liability company or joint-stock company in Montenegro. 
  • The operator should open a bank account in the territory of Montenegro. 
  • The operator should provide information of no criminal record.

Operators can purchase a gambling license in Montenegro for the following types of gambling activities:

  • Land-based casino games
  • Betting
  • Bingo
  • Online casino games

Types of Montenegro gambling license

There are the following types of gambling licenses in Montenegro:

Betting license

If the operator is going to offer different types of bets, he is obliged to issue a license for each type of betting activity separately.

A betting license is issued for three years, with the possibility of extending it for another two years. Also, each bookmaker is obliged to connect to the regulator’s system via the Internet. The good news is that bookmakers’ income tax rate in Montenegro is 0%, which significantly increases the final income from the platform.

When submitting an application, the operator will need to confirm the payment of the minimum authorized capital, which is 75,000 euros, and confirm that he has an amount of 30,000 euros in his bank account.

Important: Operators are prohibited from offering bets on the results of political elections on the territory of Montenegro. Also, the owners or shareholders of sports clubs do not have the right to be the organizers of bets on the results of sports competitions in which their club participates. Those rules are strictly regulated by the Games of Chance Administration.

Slot Machine License

This type of license is issued to operators who want to install slot machines in special establishments.

This type of license can be issued for three years, after that the operators have the right to extend the validity of the gambling license for another two years. If slot machines are offered in casinos, then operators do not need to obtain a license for them, as the gambling license for a casino includes slot machines.

To obtain a license for slot machines, operators must pay a minimum authorized capital of 75,000 euros and provide confirmation of the bank guarantee in the amount of 25,000 euros.

Casino License

It is possible to obtain a license for a casino in Montenegro only through an open tender.

To get a gambling license for a land-based casino, operators have to submit an application with the required package of documents. The criteria for the selection of licensees are determined during the tender. It should be noted that only eight people can get a casino license, as the number of licenses for a casino is limited.

A casino license in Montenegro is issued for ten years. After that, the operator must submit an application to renew the license for another five years.

Also, operators will need to pay the authorized capital — 300,000 euros and provide a bank guarantee — 90,000 euros.

Bingo License

The availability of a bingo license in Montenegro allows operators to organize a tombola and television tombola. This license will be valid for three years. Upon expiration of this license, operators can renew it for the following two years.

The authorized capital is 75,000 euros to get a bingo license, and the bank guarantee is 10,000 euros.

Online Game License

The rapidly growing Balkan gambling industry is booming, thanks in part to iGaming. So, how can operators obtain a virtual gambling license in Montenegro? As we have already said, in order to obtain a license for an online casino in this small country on the Adriatic Sea, you need to be the holder of one of the types of land-based casino licenses. Thus, the process of obtaining a license for online games will be straightforward and will not take a long time. All the operators need to do is to submit a request without the need to provide an additional package of documents.

The Montenegrin Gambling Law does not specify anything about the validity period of an online casino gambling license. Usually, state authorities issue this type of license for three years with the opportunity for renewal.

The package of documents for obtaining a gambling license in Montenegro

  • A document that confirms that the company is registered in Montenegro.
  • Memorandum of association.
  • Business plan.
  • Description of games.
  • Certificates of no criminal record.
  • Games’ rules.
  • A document that confirms the ownership or the right to use of the premises for land-based casinos.
  • Confirmation of the payment of the authorized capital.
  • Confirmation of a bank guarantee.
  • Confirmation of payments of an administrative fee.
  • Information about the experience and qualifications of all key persons.

Advantages of choosing a Montenegro gaming permit

  1. Due to the rapidly growing Balkan gambling industry, Montenegro now is a preferred investment destination for a lot of investors from across the globe.
  2. Online license covers most of the gambling services.
  3. Affordable tax rates and tax-free for bookmakers.
  4. Straightforward application procedure.
  5. The long period of validity of a permit and an opportunity to renew it.
  6. All gambling activities in Montenegro are regulated by the Games of chance Administration, which has already managed to win a good reputation in the international arena.


The income tax rate for gaming operators in Montenegro is 9%. As for bookmakers, they are not subject to income tax.

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