How to obtain a gambling license in Kahnawake

How to obtain a gambling license in Kahnawake?

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What is a gambling license?

Each offline or virtual casino must obtain a license before opening. It is strongly not recommended to skip this stage, because neither players, nor partners, nor software developers want to deal with illegal platforms. In addition, the operating of unlicensed gambling establishments can threaten their owners with huge fines or even prison. License is a guarantor of safety for both players and operators.

Not all countries issue permits for gambling. Fortunately, there are several jurisdictions that do this on terms that are pleasant for operators. One of them is the Canadian Kahnawake. Keep reading to know more about this unique place that has given birth to many successful casinos.

How to obtain a gambling license in Kahnawake?

The Mohawk territory of Kahnawake is a small settlement in the city of Quebec. This jurisdiction was among the first to recognize the huge potential of the gambling industry and began licensing operators. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is the main gambling body, which controls the issuance of licenses and regulates the industry.

The availability of the Kahnawake gambling license provides gaming operators with a wide client base and increases the players’ trust in the gambling establishment. Moreover, local permits cover all countries except the United States. Nonetheless, operators should be careful and learn about gambling legislation in each jurisdiction where they want to operate.

What other benefits does the licensee get? With a permit, operator can open bank accounts, use popular payment systems and buy official games for his website. Also, a license is your guarantee of a lack of problems with the law. 

Types of Kahnawake’s gambling licenses

There are numerous types of Kahnawake permits, but usually, to run an iGaming business in Kahnawake you just need to obtain the CPA and KPL licenses. Let’s consider them.

Client Provider Authorizations 

The CPA is intended for those who offer virtual gambling. This is exactly the permit that a regular operator needs to obtain. After getting it, it becomes possible to run a platform respecting regulations concerning interactive gaming.

Key Person License

The KPL allows to operate managerial or operational functions for the holders of a CPA. At least one employee of the company must receive such a document.

Kahnawake Gambling License Cost

The cost of the Kahnawake gaming license is quite affordable even for newcomers.

CPA application fee $35,000
Assessment of the operator’s control system Varies depending on the decision of the Сommission
KPL application fee$5,000 
Yearly fee$20,000 per year
KPL issuance payment$1000 per year
CPA renewal$5,000
KPL renewal$2,500

The best news is that Kahnawake is a tax-free zone for gambling operators. They pay neither corporate tax nor gambling tax. 

Conditions of obtaining a gambling license in Kahnawake

  • Operator needs to register a business in the settlement;
  • The software must fully comply with the local legislation;
  • All servers must be placed in the settlement;
  • An impeccable reputation of the applicant is a mandatory condition;
  • Applicant should have a proven experience in a field of gambling;
  • The directors and founders of the enterprise must have an education. 
  • It’s mandatory to place info about gambling addiction on the website and to deny access to the resource to underage users.

Basic documents for applying for a Kahnawake gambling license

  • Notarized copies of the IDs (for business owners and key employees);
  • Birth certificates;
  • Business plan;
  • Confirmation of residential address;
  • Financial statements for key persons;
  • Info about provided games;
  • Availability of RNG certificates such as from eCogra, and other documents that confirm the quality of the software;
  • Evidence of no criminal record;
  • Confirmation of payment of utility bills;
  • Originals of owners’ references from the bank.

Contact our specialists to get a full list of documents that you need to collect in your unique case. Remember that lack of some important data can cost you time, money or even the license itself.

The process of getting a gaming license in Kahnawake

The procedure for obtaining a gambling license in Kahnawake is long and complicated. There are common stages of getting a Kahnawake gaming license:

  • Appointment of a key person;
  • Preparing the package of documents;
  • Submitting an application;
  • Paying fees;
  • Considering an application (4 – 8 weeks);
  • Running the business.

According to the Kahnawake gaming law, initially, applicants are issued a test license for a period of half a year. After this time, the permit can be extended for 5 years if the Kahnawake Gaming Commission considers that the business is operating honestly and in accordance with the local legislation. It can sound repulsive, but responsible operators have nothing to fear. 

Important to memorize, that the regulator monitors the work of licensees constantly so that in case of detection of suspicious activity, the license can be revoked.

Disadvantages and advantages of obtaining a gambling license in Kahnawake


  • The stable economic environment;
  • The brilliant reputation of the settlement and of the local permit;
  • Low application fees;
  • License covers gaming sites with all types of iGaming and bookmaking;
  • An opportunity to legalize poker rooms and land-based casinos also;
  • No need to pay the authorized capital;
  • No taxation on gambling incomes;
  • The licensing process is simple, without unnecessary delays;
  • Local government supports the gambling business and creates favorable conditions for its development.


  • Lengthy license obtaining procedure;


The Kahnawake gaming license is undoubtedly one of the best options for operators. This small jurisdiction enacted its regulations concerning interactive gambling a long time ago and continues improving legislation in this area today. It’s not easy to obtain a local permit, but it’s worth it due to the low expenses, lack of taxes, and great opportunities for licensees. To make the application procedure easier and faster, feel free to contact the Licensing Aid and get full support from our experts.

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