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Gaming License in Ireland

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Since 1921 Ireland has been divided into 26 states, and Northern Ireland is governed by a decentralized British authority. There are 4.4 million permanent residents, of whom 1.7 million live in the Dublin metropolitan zone. 

Ireland Gambling Licence Regulations

The gambling history of Ireland began in 1854 when the first Betting Act was accepted. Later the year 1931 was marked by a bright event — the legalization of sports betting. Unfortunately, the Gambling and Lotteries Act of 1956 basically banned all other gambling activities. 

The early 2000s were also eventful for the sphere. In 2001 private clubs where locals could legally gamble appeared. In 2010, Ireland started to issue licenses for online bookmakers and set up taxes for them. In 2012-2019 Ireland government presented several normative acts, which eventually resulted in a strict ban on any gambling without a license in 2020. 

The Government Programme 2020 included creation of a gambling body focused on public safety and welfare. The supposed regulator should cover online and offline gambling and their marketing. 

Types of Ireland Gambling Licenses


Nowadays there are no certain laws, which regulate the operation of casinos and the acquisition of an online casino license in Ireland. However, owners of so-called private clubs can operate an iGaming business if they have a certificate of “personal fitness” from An Garda Síochána under Criminal Justice. 

Entertainment arcades

Irish legislation prescribes different licensing algorithms for slot and entertainment machines. 


To launch a wagering platform, an operator must:

  • Get a current license by applying for a certificate of personal suitability from An Garda Síochána of at least the rank of superior.
  • Obtain a certificate of suitability of the enterprise where the bookmaker’s office will be located.


Lottery organizers can get an Irish gaming license or a permit in two cases.

  • If the common amount of prizes is ≤€5,000 per week and the price of each ticket is ≤ than €10, it is enough to have a permit.
  • If the common amount of prizes is ≤€30,000 per week or €360,000 per year, operators should apply for a license.

How to get an Irish gambling license?

For now, Ireland doesn’t have a well-defined licensing mechanism for all virtual operators. Offering or promoting internet gambling is banned in the jurisdiction. Fortunately, platforms with a license from overseas (e.g., Curacao, Kahnawake, Malta, or Panama) are able to engage Irish gamers. Holders of an offshore iGaming license who provide their websites to Irish customers must remember that they need to pay VAT under Directive 2006/112/EC. Electronic gaming platforms are taxed at the rate of 23%.

In today’s Ireland, it’s only possible to get a remote bookmaker or betting intermediary’s licenses.

Licensing procedure includes:

  • Making an initial application for a certificate of personal fitness. 
  • Publishing info about the will of the operator to get this document. Usually, there are several ads in the state media. 
  • Submitting an application (with a tax clearance certificate and license fee) for a bookmaker’s license to the revenue.

Not citizens of Ireland can ask for the documents directly in the Department of Justice and Equality.

For consultation on obtaining these and many other licenses, you can contact the experts from LicesingAid. We work to encourage and support the legal gambling market everywhere, helping new companies enter the world of licensed iGaming. 

Ireland License Requirements

  • Determination of the beneficiary of the company;
  • Hosting servers in Ireland, the EU or the EEA;
  • Fulfilling all potential obligations to the players;
  • Operating of the system for determining the age of players;
  • Setting betting limits and winnings for slot machines.

List of documents

For information about the required documentation for obtaining an Irish gaming license, contact the lawyers at LicesingAid. Our team of experts will always help find a solution to even the most complex situation. 

Ireland Gaming License Cost

The licensing fee is €10,000. The renewal fee is between €10,000 and €200,000. It depends on turnover for remote bookmakers and annual commission earnings for betting intermediaries.


Remote bookmakers are required to pay a betting duty of 2% of the stake wagered.

Remote betting intermediaries must pay a betting intermediary duty of 25% on their commission charges.


Usually, the licensing procedure doesn’t take more than several weeks. The gaming license of Ireland is valid for 2 years. After this period the permit can be extended.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • A government interest in the iGaming sphere 
  • Ability to register and run a business legally 
  • Ability to launch a platform with an offshore jurisdiction permit
  • Predicted future changes in the local legislation


  • The license is expensive
  • The procedure of receiving a license is not straightforward
  • No final legislative base 
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