Who needs to be licensed or registered

Gaming Industry Employee Licence

In almost every country, casino employees, especially those who are empowered to make discretionary decisions must comply with a series of requirements and obtain a special license to work legally in the gambling industry. In this article, we will look at what these licenses are and what requirements applicants must comply with. 

Who needs to be licensed or registered?

Before you start working in the gambling industry, you have to get a gambling license. You must be at least 18 or 21 years old, depending on the jurisdiction where you are going to work, and you should have an offer of employment. Depending on the position you intend to work in, you can get three types of licenses: executive, regular worker, and service worker. Below we’ll look at the differences in the process of applying for each type of license. 

Key gaming employee

Depending on the jurisdiction, this license will have different names. However, the key employee permit will essentially remain the same for all countries where such a license is needed. This document is required for high-ranking employees, who are empowered to make discretionary decisions, such as those planning to work as CEO, CFO, COO, supervisor, general manager, director of security controls, executive director or chief accountant. Regardless of the position or the title of the license to be obtained, it is intended to guarantee the professionalism of the employee. 

Gaming employee

The name of this license may also vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This license is for mid-level employees. They usually work directly in the gambling establishment. They may be dealers or croupiers, slot machine operators, accountants, office workers, cashiers, technicians, mechanics, or engineers. 

Casino or Supplier employee

This license is intended for employees who are not directly related to gambling, but work in casinos. For example, bartenders, waiters, cooks, hotel reception employees, technical staff of the building, etc.

Requirements for obtaining a license

Each location has its own unique set of licensing conditions. However, several rules are common for all of them. Thus, you need to:

  • Be at least 18 or 21 years old 
  • Have an offer of employment from a gaming company 
  • Have no criminal history, especially financial or fraudulent offenses
  • Have a good financial and credit history

Background investigations and financial checks

Once you apply for the casino employee license you are interested in, the competent authority will begin its review of your application. The gaming commission of your jurisdiction will initiate the background investigation and check your criminal history. Minor offenses won’t necessarily prevent you from continuing the licensing process, but if you have been convicted of financial or fraudulent offenses, you will most likely be denied. In some countries, licensors check your bank account history to see your financial situation for any possible financial difficulties that may encourage you to steal. They will also check if you actually have a job offer from a gambling establishment, as well as your work and educational experience. 

Application process

Before applying for a license, you need to ensure that you have all required documents, including the proof of absence of a criminal history. Also you must be ready for the background investigation which means that the licensing body will probably want to know about your past working and educational experience.  

After preparing the documentation, you will need to fill out and submit a license application form. You can find a sample on the licensing authority’s website. The regulator will then review it and inform you of their decision within a short time. 

Don’t be afraid of this bureaucratic procedure. If you have met all the requirements and submitted a complete package of documents, you shouldn’t have any problems with obtaining the license you need, whether it is for a slot machine, online casino, lottery license or something else.  

Gaming employee licence application form

The form for a casino employee license should include basic personal information: first and last name, passport information, place of residence, and other information depending on the jurisdiction. However, if the application does not include complete and up-to-date information, it will result in a more detailed investigation, longer application processing time, and possible denial of a permit. Licensing authorities closely monitor compliance with local laws and are unwilling to issue licenses to suspicious individuals especially if such an applicant applies for the position of an employee who is empowered to make discretionary decisions. 

In conclusion, the most important thing is to fill out all the documents correctly and provide accurate information that can be easily verified. Take responsibility for the verification, it determines the approval or disapproval of your license. We wish you the best of luck in getting a license to work in the gambling industry. 


In some regions, the duration of the license covers only the time of working in one gambling establishment. In others, the license can be valid for up to 10 years. For example, in case of Australia, it is 6 months for a short-term permit and 3 years (including the duration of the short-term permit) for a long-term one.

Fees for gaming employee licences

Fees for gaming employee license

Gaming employee licenses cost differently depending on jurisdiction. Generally, the higher the position, the more expensive the license will be. The minimum average price starts from $50 for employee licenses which are not directly related to gambling, but work in casinos. The cost of the gaming industry employee license for mid-level managers starts from $200 and more. The key gaming employee license fee would be $500 and more. 

Advantages of working in the gambling industry

  • It is one of the most profitable industries.
  • There are a lot of jobs for everyone in the gaming sphere: while land-based casinos need dealers or croupiers, slot machine operators, waiters, and so on, virtual ones also need some IT-specialists like programmers, designers, SEO, marketing managers, etc.
  • Gambling will not die, because people love to gamble. It makes the work in this industry stable and well-paid.
  • The industry offers good career prospects.
  • Working in the industry involves entering a multinational and full of brilliant opportunities global gambling community, as well as constant participation in major congresses, conferences and other events.
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