How to get a gaming license in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Gaming License

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What is an online gambling license and why do you need one?

What is the first crucial step for anyone who wants to legalize a gaming company? It’s a license acquisition. This document allows online gambling operators to legally run gambling sites and gives an opportunity to cooperate with official software developers. Moreover, having a license can help you increase customer trust and therefore raise the amount of players on the platform. 

So, where can you legalize your business with minimal effort and expenses? There are several jurisdictions with the best conditions for beginners and Costa Rica is among them. It’s not a usual place for getting an iGaming permit, but it is a great choice for new online gambling operators. Let’s consider the peculiarities and pros of Costa Rica’s permit.

How to get a gaming license in Costa Rica?

Every year Costa Rica engages thousands of new online casinos. Their owners prefer to legalize gambling sites here because of the comfortable conditions for getting permission and pretty liberal Costa Rican law. 

Actually, Costa Ricans don’t have legislation that regulates iGaming, thus it’s not necessary to get a special online gambling license. Operators wanting to launch a casino can obtain a permit that is called a Costa Rica data processing license. This document allows providing all gambling services (both online casinos and sports betting) and is issued by regional municipalities. Continue reading to know more about gambling in Costa Rica and what is needed to become a holder of a local permit.

Conditions of Costa Rica online gambling license acquisition

When you apply for a Costa Rica gambling license, remember that your gaming company must comply with Costa Rican law. To obtain a Costa Rica online gambling permit, the operator should meet the conditions below:

  • Opening a physical office and registration a gaming company in Costa Rica;
  • The presence of two founders of the enterprise;
  • An availability of a minimal amount of authorized capital from $100 to $100 000;
  • Having a bank account. It’s not mandatory to open it in Costa Rica, banks of any other country are suitable.

Documents for receiving the license in Costa Rica

To obtain a gambling license in Costa Rica, online gambling operators must prepare and provide an appropriate package of documents:

  • Certificate of no criminal record;
  • Copies of the gaming company founders’ passports;
  • Evidence of compliance with fiscal obligations;
  • Recommendation from the bank;
  • Confirmation of residential address;
  • A copy of university diplomas;
  • CV;
  • Characteristics of all founders;

Since most online casinos operate in Costa Rica officially as call centers, it’s not required to provide the description of gambling services on your website.

Our specialists can define the list of documents that you need to prepare in your unique case. With professional support, you can be sure of obtaining a Costa Rica gaming permit without delays and issues. Contact us if you have questions regarding sports betting or online gambling in Costa Rica.

Costa Ricans’ online gambling license costs

Obtaining payment$15000
Renewal payment$1500

Costa Rica gaming license cost is not high, which is a giant plus for newcomers.

The license acquisition process in Costa Rica takes approximately 90 days. The duration of gambling license expires every three months. At that point, online gambling operators have to prolong the iGaming permit upon its expiration.


Gambling in Costa Rica is not subject to a special tax. Moreover, there is no tax on income earned outside of the country. It’s one of the most widespread reasons why operators choose to obtain an online casino license in Costa Rica.

Nonetheless, as holders of data processing permit, gambling sites’ owners are subject to tax rates applied in call centers. They depend on the number of employees:

  • If the company has up to 50 employees, the tax rate is 57 base salaries with an estimated tax burden of $41,500.
  • If the company has 51-99 employees, the tax rate is 87 base salaries with an estimated tax burden of $63,350.
  • If the company has 100 or more employees, the tax rate is 113 base salaries with an estimated tax burden of $82,280.

Pros and cons of getting a gambling license in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s gaming legislation offers a number of advantages that make it a very tempting location for running an online gambling business.

The main advantages of obtaining a gambling license in Costa Rica:

  • Economic stability;
  • Gaming company servers can be placed anywhere;
  • An ability to offer any gambling services (bingo, lotteries, slots or sports betting);
  • No taxes for online casinos that engage customers from other locations;
  • To obtain a gambling license you are not obliged to be Costa Rican residents (however, a residence permit is required);
  • Reasonable cost for acquiring a gambling license;
  • No need to test gaming software;
  • No requirements for financial reporting;
  • The Costa Rican law is loyal to iGaming.

The great plus of licensing gambling in Costa Rica is the ability to run ad campaigns for your online casinos. Due to the lack of legislation, there are no marketing restrictions for gambling sites’ owners. 

Frankly speaking, the Costa Rica gaming license also has a few drawbacks that we can’t help but mention:

  • Unfortunately, the lack of gambling legislation in the jurisdiction is the reason for the low prestige of Costa Rica’s online casino operators in the world stage;
  • The obligation to rent an office and hire staff;
  • Since Costa Rica’s license is not a common iGaming license, not all banks, software developers and other online gambling operators want to cooperate with its holders.

In the near future, the situation can change. The country’s leadership is currently considering the implementation of legal control of the iGaming sector. The President of Costa Rica plans to organize a competent council to oversee egaming and issue licenses. Such measures will definitely benefit the reputation of the country, but at the same time the permit acquisition algorithm can become much more complicated. 


To sum up, we can conclude that a Costa Rica gaming license is a perfect option for gambling sites’ operators that are just starting their journey in the world of virtual gaming. One of the reasons is the Costa Rica gaming license cost, which is very affordable. Nonetheless, it would not be superfluous to consult with LicensingAid specialists to understand whether a Costa Rica gaming permit is suitable for your business and provided gambling services or whether other jurisdictions should be also considered. 

We offer:

  • support with obtaining any online gambling license
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