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How to get a gambling license in Belize?

Gambling licenses for business online in Belize. Requirements for getting a gambling license in Belize. Belize gaming license cost.

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Belize is a country located in the North of Central America, and it was called British Honduras until 1973. Belize was the last British colony on the American mainland. This jurisdiction is rapidly developing the gambling industry, in particular online casinos. In order to improve the conditions for conducting gambling business in Belize, government authorities made a number of amendments to the Gaming Control Act in 2000. At the same time, it was decided to legalize the activities of online casinos. These changes came into force in October 2004. Since then, every operator who wants to start a Belize online gambling business can obtain a gambling license.

It should be noted that the gambling license is the same for all types of gambling and is issued by the Belize Gambling Control Committee. This fact is an advantage for operators, as it greatly simplifies the process of applying for a gambling license. Although the gambling license is issued for one year, it expires on March 31st regardless of when the license was issued.

Requirements for obtaining a gambling license in Belize

The Belize casino license is in high demand and is issued to entrepreneurs with an impeccable reputation. In order to obtain a gambling license, operators need to make a lot of effort and fulfill a number of requirements of this jurisdiction.

The main requirements for licensees:

  • The company must have an international status of the company and is registered in Belize.
  • Provide personal data of key persons of the company.
  • Certificate of no criminal record.
  • The founders of the company must have Belize citizenship. If the operator doesn’t live on the territory of Belize and doesn’t have citizenship of this country, he must submit an application to obtain citizenship and provide the commission with a copy of this application).
  • All beneficiaries of the company must provide proof of identity and two black and white photographs.
  •  Statements of profit or loss for the last three years.
  • The required package of documents for submitting an application.
  • Fingerprints of all directors, founders, shareholders, and beneficiaries of the company.

In addition to the basic requirements for obtaining a license for a casino in Belize, there are also requirements for deposits of a company that is engaged in gambling activities:

  • Provides the availability of guarantee deposits and reserves at the Central Bank of Belize to avoid the company’s bankruptcy.
  • If the operator decides to withdraw the funds from the reserve account, he is obliged to notify the Gambling Commission about this.
  • Operators must pay all winnings to players on time.

Belize gaming license cost

Operators have to pay the following Belize gambling license fees:

Submit an application$18,000
Registration and trade association fees$5,000
Guide services$500
Gambling license renewal$15,000
Annual registration and trade association fees$5,000

Disadvantages and advantages of obtaining a Belize online gambling license


  • Fast process of issuing a gambling license (if operators follow all jurisdictional requirements, they receive a license within 24 hours after submitting an application).
  • Reasonable gaming license cost in Belize.
  • Ensuring the protection of personal data.
  • A single license for all types of gambling activities.


  • The procedure for preparing all the necessary documents takes a lot of time.

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