Jersey Gambling License 2023: How to get it?

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Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands situated between Great Britain and France, is a relatively young but promising jurisdiction that has recently established itself as an iGaming hub. The island stands out as a successful offshore financial center with a robust legal framework and a digitally developed, cryptocurrency-friendly economy.

Read on to learn how to obtain a gaming license from Jersey and establish an iGaming business in this attractive location.

Online Gambling Regulation in Jersey

The Jersey Gambling Commission (JGC) is the body responsible for regulating, supervising and registering companies in the sphere of iGaming. It administers all spheres of gambling in Jersey (land-based, remote, charitable & social gambling) with an exception of lotteries, which fall under the responsibility of the state. 

The Commission currently consists of a chairman and a commissioner, both of them specialists in areas such as law or business management. Such a miniature structure of the Commission allows a more personal and cooperative approach to the procedure. The JGC works closely with iGaming companies in choosing the type of license before applying, and also during the application process itself to resolve any issue that arises.

There are three main pieces of legislation that govern the activity of iGaming:

  1. The Gambling Commission (Jersey) Law 2010 founded the responsible body and defined the area of its authority.
  2. The Gambling (Jersey) Law 2012 covers all basic regulations for iGaming.
  3. The Gambling (Ancillary and Miscellaneous) (Jersey) Regulations 2012 cover B2B gaming licenses and regulations.

Types of Licenses

The first and foremost step is deciding on which type of license to pursue. The Commission is supportive to applicants at this stage and first expects them to submit a proposal of a business plan to recommend a suitable license type. We outline the types of gaming licenses in Jersey in the table below.

Jersey gaming license types  Type of business 
Remote Operators License (B2C)Online casino owners. Includes all types of gambling. Additional registration with the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) needed
Platform Providers Permit (B2B)Providers of software and hardware to online operators
Hosting Service Providers PermitOrganizations that provide premises for storing servers and related electronic equipment used by online operators
Software Designers PermitDesigners of software. Even if game content is created for users outside Jersey, the company still needs a license
Personal Gambling License Individuals wishing to take the role of a director of a commercial gambling operator
Approval for Gaming Machine or Remote Gaming Testing HousesOrganizations that test games or other systems used for online gambling

How to get a gaming license in Jersey?

The application generally consists of reviewing the relevant guidelines and policies, filling in the application forms and declarations, and lastly, contacting JGC to make the application. Below you can find a step-by-step overview of the Jersey gaming license application:

  1. Study the guidelines and policies at JGC’s website. These documents contain important information regarding the application process and operational requirements.
  2. Submit a business plan proposal to the Commission. 
  3. Gather the required documentation (specified in the section below) and fill in the application forms.
  4. Pay the application fee.
  5. Submit the application in both online form and in print with all necessary signatures. 
  6. Wait for the due diligence examination to finish.
  7. Attend the licensing hearing: finally, the due diligence report is presented to the Commissioners. Key personnel of the organization must be present at the hearing for discussion. This is the stage when the decision on whether to grant a license is taken.
  8. Pay the license costs
  9. After paying the fee, the platforms may commence operation.

Jersey online gambling license requirements

  • Casino operators must incorporate a business in Jersey. Operators incorporated and licensed in other jurisdictions wishing to establish a branch on the island must at least operate using Jersey-based servers.
  • All equipment and software must be tested by an independent testing house. Games and RNGs already scrutinized by an approved testing house do not need to be retested.
  • Gambling equipment (hardware and software) must meet the requirements stipulated in the Code of Practice of JGC.
  • A detailed business plan is required displaying that a company is prepared for adverse times and has sufficient financial standing to pay off all wagers and prizes.
  • Any betting platform must incorporate a system that keeps the information about all betting transactions (player’s identity, time and event of the bet, etc.)
  • The majority of the company’s financial operations must take place on the island (the so-called Sufficient Connection Test).

Keep in mind that online casino owners that apply for a gaming license in Jersey undergo a thorough inspection of their financial model, key personnel, and compliance history where applicable, as one of the JGC’s core values is to guard Jersey’s prestige as a prime financial and legal institution.

Required documents for receiving the license in Jersey

Companies seeking online casino license in Jersey should approach matters related to documentation with maximum carefulness and meticulousness. Any inconsistency or mistake in the forms might bring about serious issues. The Commission warns that if this be the case, the due diligence might be extended for an unspecified period of time. Refer to the checklist that we provide below before applying:

  • The application form (contains company details)
  • An application for approval of remote gambling equipment
  • Full personal declarations from all key management officials and shareholders holding more than a 5% shareholding of the company 
  • A list of all officers and senior management
  • A corporate waiver authorizing JGC to investigate the company’s private details (financial, etc)
  • Personal waivers authorizing JGC to investigate private details of all persons who submitted personal declarations
  • A detailed business plan including the description of the gambling product, target market, financial forecasts, an outline of the management team, etc.
  • A detailed forecast report for a minimum of three years. It must include information such as forecast profits and losses, funds for initial financing of the project, terms and sources of investment funds, etc. Established companies should also provide audited accounts for the previous two years for inspection 
  • Copies of testing certificates for all equipment and software

Jersey’s gaming license costs

The Commission charges an application fee for each kind of license to cover the expenses arising during application processing, police investigations, or interviewing key personnel. If the funds are exhausted yet the need for additional inspection arises, the Commission might request a further portion of £6,000.

After acquiring the Jersey gambling license, the companies must pay a license fee every year. Late payment is charged at 10% of the license costs. The Commission also charges £250 for alterations to the license.

Type of licenseApplication fee Fees 
Remote Operators License (B2C)£6,000£15,000 for operators with GGR below £1,000,000
£35,000 for operators with GGR above £1,000,000
Platform Providers Permit (B2B)£6,000£10,000 or £15,000 depending on the type 
Hosting Service Providers Permit£500£1000
Software Designers Permit£500£1,250
Personal Gambling License£300£500
Approval for Gaming Machine or Remote Gaming Testing HousesN/AN/A


Taxation regime is the main advantage of getting an online casino license in Jersey. The JGC is funded entirely by license fees and does not require payment of any tax, so the companies are not burdened by tax obligations and are guaranteed fiscally efficient transfer of investment funds.

How long does it take to get a license?

The whole process of acquiring a gaming license from Jersey will take about three months. The Commission makes the decision on whether to grant the license in 90 days, but may require more time if additional investigation is needed. Incorporation in Jersey takes two weeks.

Jersey online gambling license is issued for five years. Licensees may request a renewal of their license six weeks before the expiration date. Applying before the current license expires is recommended, as in this case, the licensee will not need to provide as much information and undergo an inspection as extensive as when applying for a new license after expiry.

Why is it worth getting a gambling license in Jersey?

The jurisdiction of Jersey offers an attractive, fresh alternative to traditional complicated jurisdictions like Malta or Gibraltar. Jersey licensees can benefit from zero taxes and competitive license costs. In addition, the approach of the licensing commission is much more cooperative than in other jurisdictions. 

The Commission is determined to protect the notoriety of Jersey as a financial and economic center, so it scrutinizes each applicant to cut off companies that might damage the respect of the jurisdiction. Therefore, together with the Jersey online gaming license, the applicants are granted a reputation of a reliable and trustworthy business.

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