How to get Alderney Online gambling license

How to get Alderney Online gambling license?

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Alderney is located on the North of the Channel Islands. It is considered the part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, a British Crown dependency. However, this country has its own legal framework and political system. The government of Alderney is actively developing the gambling business in its country, as well as improving its legislation to make the gambling industry comply with international standards.

Many operators want to obtain an Alderney gambling license, as this jurisdiction is considered credible and prestigious, and the availability of this license increases the level of trust among players in the gambling establishment. Operators who are not associated with criminals, run an honest gambling business, and meet all the standards and requirements of the jurisdiction can purchase an Alderney gambling license. The Alderney Gambling Commission (AGCC) issues a gambling license to operators. This commission is actively working to combat money laundering and crime, as well as ensures that all consumer rights are secured. Therefore, the AGCC is working closely with law enforcement agencies.

Types of Alderney Gaming License

B2C license and Associate Certificate

This type of license belongs to the 1st category and is intended for operators who are citizens of Alderney and foreign citizens. The difference consists in that operators who are citizens of Alderney are issued a license, and foreign companies are issued an Associate Certificate. Holders of this license have the right to offer different types of gambling, verify the ID identification of the users, manage the users’ funds, etc.

B2B license and Associate Certificate

B2B license belongs to the 2nd category and is intended for software vendors. Also, this type of license allows operators to cooperate with providers of gambling content or casino software. Like a B2C license, a B2B license is issued to citizens of Alderney, and foreign entities can get an Associate Certificate.

It is worth noting that obtaining B2C and B2B licenses will be valid for one year.

Temporary license

A temporary license is intended for operators who have a license from another jurisdiction. Holders of this license are entitled to offer gambling for a specified period of time. Temporary licenses are issued for 29 days or 59 days with interruptions of up to 6 months.

If the operator wants to issue a full license after the expiration of the temporary license, he must submit an application within 42 days.

Procedure for obtaining a gambling license for Alderney

The process of obtaining a gambling license for Alderney is very complicated and time-consuming. Consideration of the applicant’s documents by the commission takes approximately 4-6 months if we don’t take into account the procedure for collecting the necessary package of documents. If the information provided by the applicant does not match or the operator didn’t provide a complete package of documents, AGCC will send it back to fill in the modifications. Therefore, in order to eliminate the risks of refusal or return of documents, operators often ask for help from qualified lawyers.

Requirements for obtaining a B2C and B2B licenses:

  • The company is obliged to fully comply with all the requirements that are specified in the legislation of the country.
  • Register a company in Alderney.
  • Submit an application.
  • Pay a deposit of £10,000.
  • Provide the regulator with a business plan.
  • Confirming the availability of AML-CFT Policy.
  • Provide detailed information about the games.
  • Provide information on the withdrawal of funds for players from the platform.
  • Confirm the availability of RNG, RTP certificates.
  • Other required documents to apply for Alderney gambling license.

Requirements for getting a temporary license:

  • Submit applications and the required package of documents.
  • Pay a deposit of £5,000.
  • Business plan.
  • Provide all the necessary information about the beneficiaries of the company.
  • Provide data on all corporate structures involved in the process.

Operators who want to obtain an Associate Certificate do not need to be on the territory of Bailiwick. However, the office and resident representative of the company, which is registered in Alderney, their physical presence is required.

How much does an Alderney gambling license cost?

FeesB2C licenseB2B licenseTemporary    license
Submitting an application£17,500 (this fee doesn’t include the cost of the license)£17,500  (this fee doesn’t include the cost of the license)
£10,000 (It is necessary to initial deposit of £5,000 before approval)
Submitting an application£35,000 (license cost included)£35,000 (license cost included)£10,000 (It is necessary to initial deposit of £5,000 before approval)
License renewal£35,000 — £400,000 per year (amount depends on NGY — Net Gaming Yield)£35,000 per year£10,000 per year
Gambling business partnership fee£3,000 per year (one partnership)£3,000 per year  (one partnership)£3,000 per year (one partnership)

Also, operators may be charged such licensing fees as:

  • Key Individual Certificates; 
  • Core Services Associate Certificates;
  • Application modification;
  • Hosting;
  • Gambling equipment inspections, etc.


There is no taxation in Alderney, which is a huge advantage for casino owners.

Disadvantages and advantages of acquiring a gambling license in Alderney


  • Prestige.
  • Reliability.
  • No taxation.
  • Fast consideration of the application.
  • A single license for all types of games.


  • High license fees.

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